Everything points to Liverpool

Everything points to Liverpool

By Mike Edwards

Browsing through a second hand bookshop in Liverpool recently, a ‘City of Liverpool’ handbook from 1960 caught my eye.

Duly bought and dipped into, it was fascinating to read about a Liverpool that was on one hand seeing a boom in manufacturing, while on the other hand there was huge migration to the promised-land of a new and better quality of life in the new towns. Also, there was very little evidence of our cultural offering for which we are now so proud of. Little did they know that on a cultural basis, Merseybeat was about to change the world forever!

The key feature that caught my eye was the nature, style and tone of the adverts, with local stores such as Blackers, Coopers and Hendersons featuring throughout. However, one advert in particular really stood out for me – an ‘industrial development’ piece that identified Liverpool’s strengths in land, labour, services and finance. You can see the ad below...

As the owner of a marketing agency, I have been very privileged and proud to be involved in helping to market most of the city region changing projects over the past 30 years or so, and so this ad really got me thinking.

Who was the agency involved in producing it? What was the brief…was there one? Who identified the likely target market…men, aged 60+, cigars smokers with a love for awkward looking three-piece-suits? Who drew the characters? Who wrote the copy? I mean, there’s not even a great call to action – they haven’t even put their website on it!

More questions than answers I know but its wonderful to see a moment in time captured in this way.

Perhaps this advert caught my attention a little more than usual because regeneration and investment has been at the forefront of one of our most recent projects here at Kaleidoscope - a new brand and website for Regenerating Liverpool, part of Liverpool City Council. Acting as a central gateway for the multitude of opportunities the city can offers the modern investor, the website seeks to position the city as one of the premier locations to do business, regardless of whether that the prospect is big, small, regional or global. Over £13bn of investment is being planned across the city right over the next 10 years. That’s some statement.

Hopefully someone in 50 years will be doing a critique of this suite of marketing assets and feel that we’ve done a great job. Even if we’re not sitting around smoking cigars.

Check out the Regenerating Liverpool website and see what the modern day Liverpool has to offer