Marketing in 2016

Marketing in 2016

By James Kirk, Strategy Director

As we take our first steps into 2016, it’s a great time to reflect on what has been achieved in the previous twelve months and start planning for an exciting year ahead. For marketers, a crucial part of this process is to consider trends in the industry and how they may impact your plans.

Here are three key trends that I feel will be key to the next twelve months:

1. Authenticity

The need for brands to have an authentic core will grow in importance as consumers become ever more knowledgable, savvy and perhaps more cynical. This means that brands will need to be absolutely clear about their core purpose - who they are, what they do and crucially, why they do it – and stay true to this in all aspects of their marketing.

Achieving this authenticity requires a brand to connect emotionally and show empathy. But it also means that they must be more humble than they've been in the past. They will have to recognise that the consumer now has the power and tools to make informed choices in practically every aspect of their life, and the brands can no longer call the shots.

2. No boundaries

People will increasingly engage with brands and causes anywhere and anytime they want. They will expect a compelling and consistent experience, regardless of whether they are engaging with our digital, mobile or traditional marketing. So, as marketers, we will need to reflect this and focus on creating integrated, seamless experiences. To do this effectively, the industry needs to put aside its long-term affinity towards multiple disciplines and tags and instead focus on one simple term - marketing.

3. Moment marketing

People across the world are increasingly living by short-term moments, with attention spans becoming ever smaller, coupled with the desire to capture and share such moments. Marketers will need to able to identify, react and respond to these individual customer moments - every week, day and minute. For example, this could be a large public event, such as a music festival, or small and personal, such as filling up the car at a petrol station.

This will rely on a sound framework of insight, technology and strategic planning but importantly, will also need marketers to be empowered to react and respond to moments as they arise, and sometimes push the brand into new areas. This will require an acceptance that brands will be exposed to more risk, but it’s one that should pay dividends.

All the best for a 2016 that will be full of authentic, integrated moments!