Raising awareness of global issues amongst teachers and young people

Raising awareness of global issues amongst teachers and young people

Now more than ever sustainability is vital to achieve a better and much more sustainable future for all, and we're proud to have the opportunity to work on a fantastic project called Get Up and Goals with the Liverpool World Centre, helping to build awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in schools across the UK.

The Liverpool World Centre is (LWC) is a non-profit charity that exists to make world issues relevant to the lives of young people. Get Up and Goals is a three-year project that aims to bring together partners from twelve European countries to share knowledge and skills, to raise awareness of various complex global issues facing our planet today, and to increase commitment to the SDGs and Global Citizenship Education (GCE) amongst teachers and students.

We were commissioned to design and create a campaign to support teachers in their teaching of four key themes; climate change, gender inequality, migration and international inequalities. This included developing a user-friendly website which allows teachers to access a wide-range of free downloadable lesson resources based on the four themes, a social media plan to drive engagement with teachers, alongside a range of broader marketing collateral (including summary booklets, leaflets, QR code cards, pull up banners, pens etc.). Ultimately, the campaign is designed to encourage more teachers to introduce the SDGs into their lessons with the aim to inspire change amongst their students.

So far the campaign has been largely successful, with the lesson resources being downloaded over 16,000 times in the first four months of the website being live, and the Liverpool World Centre currently placing 2nd out of the twelve participating organisations for their Twitter activity, directing people to the website and resources.

Click here to check out the Get Up and Goals website!