Refined emails to maximise your impact

Refined emails to maximise your impact

It's needless to say that emails have become, and continue to be an important method of business communication. Millions of emails are sent each and every day from businesses and organisations alike, to share news, information and data with their consumers. With the advantage of email being fast and efficient, they are a great way for you to communicate and share your story, particularly when you can't be there to do so.

We design emails for many of our clients that bring brands to life in a highly visual manner – delivering impact and taking a service, product or brand directly to customers etc – whether it be for a new service launch, a regular news bulletin etc. Working within market leading mailing software such as Mailchimp, we ensure that our designs are built in a sustainable way that our clients can use and implement themselves in the future.

However, it is not just making an email look great that will create impact – its vital that any emails are delivered with a strategic approach in mind.

Taking a strategic approach on your emails will enable you to have clarity on who you are targeting, what you want to achieve and how you will measure success – providing a long term framework for you to work within.

One tool within your strategic approach could be A/B testing. This is a highly effective method which helps us to decide which of two different campaigns will be more successful, and ultimately perform at maximum capacity. It can help you decide which campaign, you should send to your audience in order to receive higher conversions, click-throughs and open rates.

A good A/B testing strategy is important when optimising email marketing campaigns, as it allows you to understand the way your audience thinks and behaves; and the more you know your audience, the better you can organise and schedule future email marketing campaigns.

Using Mailchimp we have created a number of engaging email templates for many of our clients, including Capacity: The Public Services Lab and The Reader Organisation. Check these out below.

If you would like to talk to us about creating an effective email for you, then please get in touch!

Event email for Capacity The Public Services Lab

Promotional email for Port Sunlight Village Trust

Event invitation for Alder Hey Academy