Unleashing innovation with Alder Hey Children's Hospital

Unleashing innovation with Alder Hey Children's Hospital

We've been hard at work over the summer working on an exciting project creating the visual identity for Alder Hey's very first Festival of Innovation.

The focus of the festival was to engage NHS staff and inspire our future generation by showcasing the very latest in health technologies. Innovative technology such as 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were on display for people to have a play around with and learn about its potential in the healthcare industry.

We had the pleasure of creating the identity for Alder Hey, in which we used a simple forward slash graphic to represent the theme of forward thinking and fast-paced innovation. We then carried this element through to a broader Festival of Innovation look and feel, and in keeping with the Alder Hey brand, we adopted a vibrant colour scheme and illustrative style to capture the hospital's identity as a space designed for and with children.

Once the brand identity was set, we then applied this to a number of supporting events materials including; wall/glass vinyls, z-cards, travel mugs, wristbands, pull up banners, t-shirts etc. to build awareness of this unique event and stimulate excitement amongst staff and children alike.

Check out some of our work from the festival...