Welcome to a new team member

Welcome to a new team member

Hi! I’m Andrea the newest member of the growing team here at Kaleidoscope. I’m here to tell you a little bit about my journey so far and the role I will be playing within this fantastic creative agency.

My journey so far...

In the July of this year, I graduated from the University of Liverpool with a 2:1 under my belt in English Language, ready for the job hunt ahead. For me, the step up from Uni to full-time work was not too dissimilar from climbing Everest, difficult but not completely impossible. Gone are the days of 12 o’clock lie-ins, hour-long lectures twice a week and summer breaks lasting four months. But I wouldn’t swap it for the world, because all the hard work, stress and sleepless nights finally feel worth it. I have a job. And not just any old job. A job in the industry I actually want to be in. And anyone who’s ever graduated from Uni knows that’s not an easy thing to do. So how did I do it, you may ask? The short answer: work experience!

Learning the ropes

For many of us, work experience is reminiscent of a time when it was simply an excuse to get out of class for a week or get your parents off your back about finding a job and delaying the inevitable… adulthood. But for me, work experience jump-started my career.

My degree was in English Language, so I assumed I would have to spend more time and more money, on yet more qualifications just so I could even begin to compete for jobs against those who have a background in marketing and advertising. But whilst I didn’t have a marketing qualification, what I did have was a real hunger to be a part of such a creative and dynamic industry. You don’t need to have studied marketing to work in it, you just need to have that driving passion and a willingness to learn to make it in this business. That was the great thing about my work experience with Kaleidoscope, I learnt more in my two weeks here purely through observation and participation than I ever would’ve done sitting in a classroom. The team took time out of their busy schedules to share knowledge that’s invaluable to any student with an interest in the industry, something which is hard to come by in large corporate-oriented businesses.

My role

My role in project support is a brand-new role within the company, introduced this year as a result of Kaleidoscope’s continuous growth and success. I will be on hand to provide support in every aspect of the company, from creative and digital, to research and admin. A role like this within such a creative and dynamic environment means that every day is different and holds some new and exciting project for me to take on. During my time here at Kaleidoscope I hope to gain two things: 1) continued success and further growth for the company itself, and 2) the opportunity to further develop my writing skills in order to become confident in the art of copywriting.

Looking to the future

Since starting in October I’ve been involved in a number of ongoing projects; uploading content for a new website, copywriting for a mailshot and various tenders, attending meetings and workshops for clients etc. I still have a long way to go, but the main thing is that my journey has started, and I look forward to what the future holds for me here at Kaleidoscope!