Workplace branding: a powerful asset

Workplace branding: a powerful asset

Branding is at the heart of every organisation and plays a crucial role in their success. Yet, while many focus their investment on external marketing activities such as seasonal campaigns and product launches, two of the most powerful brand assets a business has are its people and its work environment.

Take a look around your current work space. Has the branding of the environment been thought about and is it consistent with the brand of your organisation? If it’s not then are you missing an opportunity to ensure your employees understand what your organisational values are and how this should be communicated externally to your many audiences? We’ve recently been commissioned to work on a number of internal branding projects and through this work we’ve identified three reasons why getting the workplace branding right can create value for a business:

1. Profile the purpose and mission of your organisation
Using visual design within a workplace can support the brand of a business by showcasing its purpose, mission and values. This can be achieved through featuring key statements or compelling quotes, using techniques such as wall vinyls, at prominent positions within a workplace to build awareness and recognition of what the business stands for.

Example: We recently worked with telecoms solutions provider, Comvergent, to create a series of wall vinyls to build awareness of their mission and values throughout their space. The design draws upon the icon-led brand language of the business to deliver the core messaging in a quick and engaging manner; and is featured in areas of high footfall such as stairwells, break out rooms and lunch areas.

2. Inspire employees, customers and other stakeholders

A workplace should be an interesting and engaging place that employees feel inspired by. Brands can be applied visually throughout spaces to provide this inspiration and act as an ongoing reminder of the organisation’s goal – both to employees and anyone else who visits the site. Through engaging employees using techniques such as this, productivity can increase which in turn can drive the performance of an organisation.

Example: As part of our ongoing branding work with Alder Hey NHS Children’s Hospital we have recently completed the design and installation of wall vinyls throughout their stunning new hospital site to inspire employees and patients with the organisations vision for the future. The vinyls draw upon the recently launched brand for the hospital’s strategic plan and use illustrations to provide a warm, friendly feel throughout.

3. Showcase campaigns and initiatives

Branded spaces can be a wonderful tool for spreading understanding and building engagement in campaigns or initiatives being delivered across an organisation – whether they are internal or externally-focused.

Example: We recently worked with University of Liverpool to promote the wide range of student support services that it offers to undergraduate students across the city. We used the expanse of external office windows of the service to provide a clear and compelling creative message that doubled as a wayfinding device to the many passing students.

By bringing your brand to life in your work space, you can reinforce your organisation’s identity, enhance its profile, and deliver a seamless brand experience to your employees and customers alike. Internally, this can also result in engaged employees, increased productivity and a better understanding of the mission, vision and values of your business.

Thinking about how your brand could be translated to your physical environment? Get in touch and we’d be delighted to discuss it with you.